How To Do The Flowers

Ruth Van Beek

The repetition of images, visual sequences, accidental similarities and free associations form the alphabet of a mysterious language. Starting from her archive, Ruth van Beek makes collages and books. A large part of this archive finds its origin in old manuals. Books that are made as a tool, as an ... [lees verder]

Citizen of two worlds

Samuel Otte

Brothers Samuel and Henk Otte follow in the footsteps of their great-grandfather, Rev. Gerrit Hendrik Kersten, an influential Dutch Protestant minister who travelled to the United States in 1939 to give emigrant members of his church encouragement and support. The book’s narrative is woven through archive photographs and diary ... [lees verder]

Eggs and Rarities

Paul Kooiker

This ambitious but utopian project by Dutch photographer Paul Kooiker reads like a sampler of genres: landscape, nude, still life, and so on. To achieve this, he often employs clichés reminiscent of the propaganda of travel brochures or religious and political rhetoric in the media. Kooiker allows the ... [lees verder]


Anne Reitsma

Bijzonder boek met foto's van Jochem Myjer, door fotografe Anne Reitsma. [lees verder]


Bert Teunissen

Bert Teunissen has created a distinctive series of photographs while walking the streets of New York City and London. Using an analogue camera and a unique way of printing, his images become a collection of stripes and dots in which we see no faces, just gestures and the patterns of ... [lees verder]


Aydin Büyüktas

An American football pitch as a skateboard ramp and the Aya Sofia as a rollercoaster: the images of Turkish photographer Aydin Büyüktas are literally mind-bending. They went viral and are now finally also available in book format, including entirely new images.His brainchild Flatland is named ... [lees verder]

Unseen Magazine #5

Charting key developments at the forefront of contemporary photography, 'Unseen Magazine' invites a selection of instrumental voices to provide their take on the position of the medium today. With a bold redesign and a range of new features, Issue 5 reveals the important role that artists play in striving to make ... [lees verder]


Fotografie is populair. Letterlijk dan. Het medium is gekend bij iedereen en bemind door velen. Al van bij haar uitvinding is fotografie omgeven door een aura van betovering en verrukking. Anno 2018 is het fotografisch beeld bijna even flexibel en inzetbaar geworden als tekst, maar wat betekent dat voor de waarde ... [lees verder]